I am a North Carolina native, but I am currently pursuing my masters degree in vocal performance at Florida State University.  I received my HS diploma and bachelors degree from the School of the Arts in Winston-Salem.   I’m a Bass-baritone, I suck at sight singing, I play the piano well if I have the chords (i.e Musical theatre), I’ve been in one musical RENT (when I was in college, pursuing a classical singing degree :))  I love teaching voice, I get to teach while I’m at FSU and it is the greatest thing ever, I have such great students!

When I’m not singing, I am, taking someones headshot, laughing too much, cooking, going to the gym…Gotta reach Barihunk Status, spending time with my friends (greatest people in the world) spending way to much time on youtube/hulu/netflicks.

Thanks for checking out the blog!