So you went to school for singing

Jun 16


When your teacher cancels your voice lesson

Weekend Rehearsals

Performing an aria/song that you staged in your head

May 26


Apr 28

When your voice doesn’t feel 100% the day of a performance

Feb 20

15 Reasons You Need To Start Singing Every Minute Of Every Day -

Feb 13

What fach?

Feb 04

Haters Gonna Hate -


Last night, 111.5 million U.S. viewers and many more abroad tuned in and witnessed a historical first: an initial score within the first 12 seconds of a Super Bowl game due to a safety.

Just had to break the ice a bit on that one, because this entry is, of course, going to focus on another…

Dec 27

Teachers with egos

When it isn’t your turn to sing in class/rehearsal/studio


Sickness when you are a singer